Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Chapter Begins...

I was just looking at my blog's archive tabs and thought it's rather funny to see majority of 2008 + the whole of 2009 + majority of 2010 missing, only now to be continued. I jolly well knew why but still it's like, what was I doing then. Lol. It looked like I disappeared. Haha.

I wonder if I should delete away the old history and begin from here. Or should I just simply delete my sites, but at this moment, I thought well, it won't hurt leaving things as they are right? I'm not sure if I will continue in the long run, seeing the last attempt was back in July 2010, supposedly my "come back" entry. In any case, we shall see how it goes then. I'm not going to make promises, this way I might actually blog more as and when I feel like it.

And so it begins... Again!

Hoping a brand new start will be for the better. Well, at least my savings will appreciate for the time being after 6 mths.

So anyways, I've just finalised on a new job this morning, I know it's pretty firm when I went for the interview last Friday. Reference call(s) made yesterday early morning and I received the offer soon after. I seriously wonder if they called my previous boss (my reference 1). Reference 2 called me shortly so I knew. Headed down to the office in the noon for the contract and brought it home to think about it for a few hours.

There was nothing much to think about the offer itself actually even though I was in a dilemma. I was thinking more like, should I continue to search for more or should I take up better paid jobs or should I do something that I'm comfortable and familiar with or should I try out something entirely different and just go for it.

But this job like my sis's (she just started work last wed), actually dropped from the sky. I did not apply for it and they found me. And I am not talking about the sales jobs which I received everyday. In fact, I was so fed up with the sales jobs calls that when this company called me, I actually thought that it's some investment company and appeared disinterested. I asked her to email me the details and realised I was wrong. Haha, my bad. I should have listened to the call properly. What to do when you receive like 5-8 calls a day from bank/insurance companies. This has never happened to me and therefore made me really excited.

While this job offer isn't as attractive (albeit disappointed) as I wanted it to be and the pros and cons pretty much matched my previous job though in a different way, I do see the potential ahead. It's strange how it actually matches up in the end, or maybe it's the "formula" or how I analysed it. Lol. In the end, I will only know how far I can go once I am IN it.

Of course I do hope that it'll be a long term career, or at least longer, but certain things are not within our control. I shall see how it goes, if I don't try, I will never know. So I try already then let you know. Haha, I know, I'm lame.

I like how my manager has a very positive vibe, and she naturally makes me feel better when I'm around her. This is great, since I will have to work hand in hand with her. I am also very comfortable with her and I wish her the same. While presentations can be faked, vibes can't. You can be a brilliant speaker + liar, but vibes are something that cannot be erased. Or at least that's how I sense it. I hate to work with people with negative vibes. They kind of bring the whole office down with them.

I'll be starting on Thurs. She told me to bring an open mind as there are many things to learn. So I'll keep myself excited as much as possible to gain the experiences. I might update along the way through this new journey. Till then, new name, new house, new company, new position, new industry. I hope everything falls into places.

Some things that were left unblogged...

PS: I realised I have too many things I want to say after it started. Hah. It's incoherent but I understand can already. Coz I'm lazy to edit, LOL.

I do not feel the need to justify myself even though everybody bugs me. But just to be clear, my accounts are no where near the red zone, after all I did planned for the resignation for 2 years. And to all the irritants out there, I sacrificed 2 YEARS of my life for the break. All you need to do is to actually change your lifestyle (instead of talking about it) and do proper budgeting. Everybody can do it. So STOP making excuses, STOP complaining, STOP questioning and lastly, STOP JUDGING ME!

For 2+ years, I've not bought any new shoes, clothes, bags, handphones, gadgets. If you see me with new items, those are gifts and mind you, I did not request for them. Ok lah, maybe I did have some bday + other festive wishlists, but those were made so that I receive the items that I really want or need. Haha.

Anyways, I have also stopped drinking and the frequent ktv sessions. I still do it once in awhile, well, more like once in a long while. And while it's mainly due to my budget plan, it's also because I do not enjoy it as much as I do in the past. Or rather I am now more in control of what I like and what I don't. Who I wish to meet and who I don't, rather than trying to please everybody except myself. I thought I deserve a pat on the shoulder for this. This is a crucial changing point and I no longer spend money and not feel happy about it.

Anyways, what I wanted to say is this. If you earn 2K and you spend it all every mth, don't complain that you are not earning enough. Because I guarantee the day you earn 10K, you will still spend every bit of it, unless you discipline yourself.

It's a simple primary school calculation of numbers. How difficult is it to understand? For e.g. I earn 2K and I save 1K a mth, I go for drinks + restaurant food maybe like once or twice per mth and versus another who earns 5K and spends 6K (credit) a mth and go for drinks + restaurant food every other night and yet COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN they do not earn enough and that they have no money. At the end of the day, it's all about CHOICES and how we live our lives.

Be open about it and admit that you choose to live your life this way. What I hate is people who are in denial. Hello, how old are you already? Can't you see your own actions? You know how much can be saved from that amount and the no. of things I can buy with it? And for me, if not for the housing issues and my wasted part-time degree history, I would have saved even more lor. So, quit complaining and just save la.

There is nothing wrong spending all your money if you have no other commitments. I would probably do the same if I have zero obligations and be happy about it. But such is not my lot.

And worst of all, I hate people who earn more than me, spend everything on rubbish+ego, and come BORROW money from me to pay their bills, claiming that I'm rich and that my savings are spare cash anyways. GO AND DIE la, I am not a BANK lor. I did not sacrifice myself to save so that I can lend others money. And I am certainly not obligated to do so. So what if I got spare cash in my account, that's mine what.

These kind of people are show-offs most of the time, they spend to make themselves look rich coz of their ego. If you stop showing off to your friends, you would have enough money to pay your bills. And what really pisses me off is that if you do not lend them the money (to save their car, house, bills, dogs, cats, whatever), you will be branded the ultimate evil person who refuses to save a desperate person in need. And they actually get mad at you, swear/curse you and go around telling tales of you. GO AND DIE AGAIN la.

My life is full of these losers, pity me, sobz... And henceforth, I will never ever lend anyone any more money unless dire circumstances which will be determined by me, not you. Have I even mentioned how difficult it is to get back your money? They go on and on to make it your fault (again) to push a desperate person and that stressing (again) that it's your spare cash and you do not need it now so why the rush. Why? Because it MY money la!

Why can't you be a MAN and return me MY money? You can go holidays with friends and drive them around treating them to food and drinks and prostitution and yet couldn't pay me back a few hundred dollars. I only appear rich to you because you are a loser who does not understand simple maths. I forgo all previous debts for I want nothing more with these people. So leave me alone and get out of my life.

I spoke to a "friend" recently, who again said "You are rich what, no need to work." If you meant it as a joke, not funny. If you were being sacarstic, thanks leh. -______-" Enough said.

And then, there are those who just love to criticise everybody but themselves. They are often too quick to judge, thinking that they know everything and that they are always right.

Nobody is in the position to criticise me when I resigned without a new job. If you do not understand my job and did not bother to ask, then you have no right. And when I've decided to take a long break with no firm dateline, do you think I am that stupid to slack at home with $0 in my account, especially when I have a freaking house I need to service? And yes, meanwhile I went for holidays and did some spending, so? Hello, I paid for everything myself. I saved for the break one leh, why can't I do what I want? Why must I listen to you? Did you ever help me even for the smallest thing before? NO.

Do you pay my bills? NO. Do I pay my bills on time? YES. Do you support me financially? NO. Did I ever borrow money from anyone? NO. Did I burden others my financial commitments? NO. Did I take your money and slack at home? NO! Then? What's the problem?

So you are earning alot of money now, good for you, so? Ever treated me to anything? NO. Alright, your job is so interesting, then? Ever introduced any jobs to others? NO. Ever helped those who helped you before? NO. While you constantly put others down and make yourself sound so superior, at the end of the day, nobody gives a shit for you are too self-centered. Get it? And stop hao-lianing about your friends, sorry, who again? Nobody is interested. Your business is none of mine and mine none of yours.

OMG, this is getting longer and longer and I just kept going on and on. Haha. I guess I should have just blogged more often. I'm going to give the above topic an abrupt end.